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we are secure your data no one can stole from ours


we assured that all are genunine and trust worthy

KalyaanamastuReddyMatrimony is founded on three basic principles 

1. Faithfulness, 2. Honesty, and 3. Commitment.
After seeing the hardships and struggules of parents and the young people, in finding the perfect choices for their families and individuals, we felt the desperate need of a genuine, reliable and trustworthy matrimonial service, which follows the spiritual values and social ethics. To fill the gap, we have started KalyaanamastuReddyMatrimony marriage lines.
We provide you accurate information and serve you to the maximum in making right decisions, that you may find the fulness of joy and blessings of marital life.
We believe good family promotes good society and good society promotes good nation. Hence we dedicated ourselves in building future generations, which is the future of our country. 
Marriage consumes the lonliness and fills the emptiness of human heart and brings the completion and perfection. We wish you that you may find your soul mate to dig out the hidden treasures of sacred marriage.